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Rising Picture Research

stijgbeeld onderzoek 020

Because I think that conventional agriculture is producing more and more "bricks for bread", I started with Rising Pictures. That is an invention by Lilli Kolisko based on Rudolf Steiner's instructions to make the essentials of products visible. It can be done with vegetables, fruits, seeds, fruit juice, milk, meat, fish, honey,sugar, blood or whatever. You allow juice to rise in a Chromafilter paper after it has been jacked three minutes with mineralized water and has been filtered.Then, in the dark, let Silver Nitrate rise in the same paper. That reacts with the juice. Then you put it in the light and an image develops. Magnificent!
The pictures tell you something about the quality of that product.Then comes the most exciting phase: viewing the image.The images are so different and show such enormous beauty that it is always a surprise to see what is coming.The best thing is to compare images. So you can see from -the aging images- that the shapes become flatter, more dull. You make an image of a fresh leek and one that has been in the fridge for two weeks and compares it. Or between fresh milk and milk that has become old. It will be interesting if you look at the quality of the same products. For example, mineral agriculture and biological dynamic. My experience so far is that it often speaks volumes. Sometimes even shocking.

The most terrible art of growing plants is the so called Vertical Agriculture. No sunlight and no soil, just substrate, chemicals and artificial light. It is a danger for mankind. As Rudolf Steiner said: “If people eat too much materialistic grown food, they cannot longer think spiritually”.
So that is a kind of agriculture we really have to fight against.

It will never succeed to convince conventional scientists, who think only from the material, with this rising picture research. Because for a materialist life is inexplicable, elusive and impossible to measure. That is not my goal either. In this way I hope that people who choose from their sense of healthy food, with these tests a heart under the belt to stabbing and encourage them to continue. And to show that the extra price is really worth it. Because food with more form strength gives us more power to live. If you choose healthy food, then the store will buy it and the farmer can grow it. And that is good for our own health, but especially for the health of the earth!

If you want to support this image research, then become Stijgbeeld Onderzoek Volger (SOV). For 26 euros you will receive stunt images for 26 weeks in your email box.

Send your email adres to:

You can also ask a rising picture test of anything. That will cost 25 euro. For a Company it is 50 euro.
I send you the result by email.
If you want to keep the results for your self it is
respectively 50 and 75 euro. Than I don't use it for a presentation and don't put it on my web-site.

I have also made two books with Pictures. Rising picture number one contains 47 pictures and less text. Number two gives a discription of the test and how you can interpretate.
The books are 15 euro and shipping costs. 8,40 euro for one book, 9,80 for two books.
Name: Roelant de Vletter
Bank:      NL43 TRIO 0338711333
VAT nr:  nl817995638B01

stijgbeeld onderzoek rode radijs stijgbeeld onderzoek rode radijsblad led    stijgbeeld onderzoek rode radijs 27-4     stijgbeeld onderzoek radijs led plus 7 dagen volle grond       

You see the result from research of radish cress which is grown without sunlight and soil,picture one.
 This product is delivered to restaurants.
The second image is a Rising Picture short after harvest,
the third after four days planted in the full ground,
the fourth after eight days in fullground.

stijgbeeld onderzoek melk Natuurlijk genoegen vol demeter        stijgbeeld onderzoek melk AH weide

This are the rising pictures of pateurized Milk. On the left-hand Demeter,
on the right-hand meadow Milk from supermarket


   stijgbeeld onderzoek melk rauw koe oud gangbaar 2  stijgbeeld onderzoek melk rauw koe jong gangbaar

Two pictures of  raw Milk, mineral agriculture. Left-hand site of a ten year old Cow.
Right-hand of a two year old Cow


stijgbeeld onderzoek compost Noorder H      stijgbeeld onderzoek Potgrond welkoop

On the left the rising Picture of the compost of a biodynamic company, right potting soil of a garden center.


stijgbeeld onderzoek preparaat koemest in hoorn BH      stijgbeeld onderzoek T preparaat koemest in pot BH

Two images of the biologically dynamic cow dung preparation, from the same company.
Left, after digging up, kept in a cow horn, right in a pot.


stijgbeeld onderzoek cranberry bio diepvries     stijgbeeld onderzoek cranberry AH diepvreis

Frozen Cranberries: left organic, right supermarket mineral agriculture


stijgbeeld onderzoek Bilzenkruid20meigroot     stijgbeeld onderzoek bilzenkruid5juni2groot     stijgbeeld onderzoek Bilzenkruid11juni2

      20 mei                                     5 juni                               11 juni

                                       Rising Picture of Billowed herb​

Chroma's: It is an other kind of doing research



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